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Sports For Champions are the primary organisers for bringing Olympic, Commonwealth and GB Athletes into schools.

Each and every member of our team is at the forefront of the athletic industry, and we aim to bring that motivation and ambition back into your schools. We currently visit an average of 80 schools each month with our athletes, as we are convinced that each child has the potential to be a champion, and we are intent on unleashing that potential with each school we visit.

We aim to inspire your children, and raise an awareness of sports that motivates them into active participation. We believe that our athletes' stories will bring out a drive to succeed in the children at your school, and motivate them to become more involved with local sports clubs and competitions.

Sports For Champions uses the money raised at your school to help young athletes with International potential to realise their Olympic and Commonwealth dreams. Athletes are constantly incurring major costs throughout their training, and Sports For Champions has made it our mission to ensure that GB does not miss out on a champion because of the lack of financial resources!

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We will arrange a visit to your school, bringing an Olympic, Commonwealth or GB athlete to your school. Our team will provide all of the necessary requirements, from Sponsorship forms to whistles and Events Organisers! And we guarantee that you will have a fun-filled and fantastically memorable day at your school! 


Although our Event Days are based around ensuring that you have an enjoyable day at your school, we do have a Company Mission, not just for the profile of unsponsored athletes, but for the schools that we work with, and our aim is to: 

  • Raise the profile of Sports and Helathy Lifestyles at your school
  • Raising funds for your School Budget
  • Out of the money raised 60% goes to your child's school and 40% to our project
  • Get more children up and interested in Sports
  • Increase awareness of sporting opportunities outside school
  • Deliver an important message about adopting a healthy lifestyle

Each child will be given the opportunity to complete the Sports For Champions sponsored healthy lifestyle challenge. Afterwards, the GB athlete will conduct an inspirational talk and give a fantastic sporting demonstration.  

Sports For You North Event

Some of the athletes that we work with are:

  • William Sharman, 100m Hurdler Silver Medallist 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games
  • Leon Baptiste, 200m Sprinter Gold Medallist 2010 Commonwealth Games
  • Stephen Smith, Boxer Gold Medallist and Commonwealth and British Featherweight Champion
  • Luke Campbell, British Bantamweight Boxing Champion, Gold Medalist 2012 Olympic Games

Turn to our Athletes' Pages for full information on each of these and many more from our team ...