Brett Morse

Brett’s competitive career started quite late in comparison to other athletes in the field. He was 17 when he competed at a Cardiff schools competition, after which he was catapulted into national competitions. Inevitably, it became clear that he would have to sacrifice two of his favourite sports – football and rugby – in order to concentrate on the discus when he was selected for both the Welsh and British teams.

Brett was the leading Junior Champion in 2007 and 2008. He holds a succession of Welsh and National records from his early competitions, and became the first Welshman to win the discus event at the National Championships in 2010.

Despite his prolific Junior career, Brett was busy over this period studying at the University of Wales Institute Cardiff, for a degree in Sports Management.

He went on to Delhi for the 2010 Commonwealth Games, to represent Wales, where he ranked in sixth place at the discus event. His performance in the U23 competitions at the elite Halle competitions in Germany, however, was his most memorable of the year as he won the event with an impressive throw of 61.27 metres, which set him as the World Champion in the U23 category.

2011 was not the best year for Brett, as he threw well below his personal best at the U23 European Championships in Bergen, so it was imperative that he was selected for the 2012 Olympics in London, and his training and performance intensified in preparation.

At the GB Olympic Athletics Trials in Birmingham, Brett finished second behind Laurence Okoye, and was selected to represent Great Britain at London 2012.

To watch Brett’s video blog in preparation for London 2012, please follow the link!



Brett says of his own career so far:

"I first picked up the Discus when I was in year 11 in school so in 2005. I competed for my school at the Cardiff schools championships where I placed 2nd allowing me to represent my county at the Welsh schools championships where I then again came 2nd which meant I got to represent Wales at the British schools where I then placed 6th. My thought was if I could represent my country without anytraining then what could I do if I started training so I started training with my Local club coaches once a week until the end of the 2005 season. In the 2006 season I joined up with Paul Jenson and Richard Morgan and they coached me twice a week. My personal best went from 43 metres with the 1.5kg discus to 52.68 with the 1.75kg discus and 56.87 with the 1.5kg discus these giving me the Welsh national record and the Celtic games record.I then changed coaches again at the end of the 2006 season and started working with Sarah Moore on a permanent basis and John Hillier overlooked our training. It was going really well and I progressed my best mark with the 1.75kg discus to 56.52 and made the Final of the European U20 championships. At the end of that season I started University at UWIC in Cardiff so I changed coaches again and started working with Nigel Bevan a 1992 Olympian in the Javelin. His knowledge and experience were vital to my improvements and we worked together from 2007-2011. In this time I improved my 1.75kg best to 60.46 in 2008 and my 2kg best 66.06in 2011"

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