Dan Briggs

Dan has had a keen interest in Martial Arts since the early age of 5. He dabbled with various forms, building up a portfolio of Karate, Judo, etc, which all added to the driving enthusiasm that he found when he started Tae Kwon Do when he was sixteen.

He quickly found that the range of forms in which he’d trained as a child allowed him a skill in the sport that he would not have otherwise gained so quickly, but, on his instructor’s advice, he entered the British Championships in the same year (2004), and won his first National title in the sport, just months after moving in to the sport.

He retained this title until 2006, along with a whole host of various other intercontinental titles, including English Champion, Scottish Champion, and Welsh Champion. For each competition, he would clean up a hat trick of titles: Patterns, Sparring and Team Competitions.

Originally from Dunferlime in Scotland, Dan’s title as Scotland Champion is one he treasures. Scottish Sports People, in recent years, have emerged at the forefront of their respective sports, and Dan feels very passionately about inspiring young people into the spotlight, and motivating young athletes, particularly in areas where possibilities, and opportunities may not seem so prolific.

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In 2007, he won four Intercontinental Titles, bringing the number of trophies in the cabinet to 22.

Upon joining the University of Chester in 2008, he was awarded a Sports Scholarship, despite studying Theology, and was successful in each year of his undergraduate studies in his re-application to extend the scholarship, quoting achievements, training, and self-development initiatives.

It is unsurprising that the scholarship board were henceforth so impressed. Not only did Dan Captain the Official Tae Kwon Do Club at the University, and won Sports Personality of the year in 2011, but he won 18 gold medals out of his collection of 43 while he was studying for his degree. He was also one of 2 students that were awarded Full University Colours; 72 teams and societies entered, which totalled over 1750 students.  

It was also during his studies that he won his first International title in 2008, as European Champion.

Dan is currently studying for his Postgraduate degree at Chester University, but continues his training in a new style of Tae Kwon Do, in order to diversify his range of skills. His future competitions are all based around the ITF style of Tae Kwon Do, which will focus on a high precision kicking system. Although the hands do still play a key element in competitions, this is mostly within sparring rather than patterns.

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I fight Dan many times. He is excellent fighter and good friend!
Arek, dziękuję! Give me an email my friend! I have deleted my old account now (hwarang@...) and I have lost your details. I am on danbriggspersonal@live.co.uk Speak soon :)

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