Ezekiel Ewulo

Ewulo makes jumping look easy!  7.46m indoors in Bratislava,  7.75m at the Aviva European Indoor Trials and UK Championships a truely awe inspiring talent!

During his adolescent years, Zeeks was always an athletic teenager, geared towards sports and fitness, but it was almost an accident that he ended up discovering an innate talent for the  long jump.

His first love had always been football, until he incurred an injury that felled his plans, and he was stuck on the athletics tracks searching for a new passion. He was led through a variety of sports, until an instructor directed him to the long jump because of his height as he was almost six feet tall already! Immediately, he was enthralled with the sport, and his training schedule spiralled from there, soon leading him into National Competitions.

He achieved his first medal in 2005 as the Bronze medallist for the England Indoor Championships, and his second shortly afterwards in that same year - a Gold this time! – as the England International Junior Debut. Rolling for a hat trick, he finished off his winning streak with another International title, the Under 20’s Home Nations International Winner.

He took a short break before starting another intense training schedule for Senior Competitions in 2007. The following Summer, his training paid off with yet another Gold International Debut Medal, this time in Austria, and a Silver for the England Under 23 Indoor Competitions. 2009 brought further medals and titles for the young athlete in National competitions, and he began to steadily climb the British Rankings.

This relentless ascent culminated in his title in 2011 as the UK Indoor Senior Champion, and his GB debut in September 2011, where he placed third in competitions against USA.
Ezekiel looks set to continue his foray into the world of athletics, as he sets his training schedules for European Championships.


2001 for the GB senior team debut, at the Great Britain vs USA 3rd, he won both

2005 U20 Home Nations International winner.

2008 Austria international, England senior team debut.

His National achievements to date are:

2005 U20 England Championships bronze medallist

2008 England U23 Championships silver medallist.

2009 South of England Champion

2011 UK National Indoor long jump Champion.




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Hi Zeeks can you and sports for champions come back and visit us again please ???????

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