Lukas Gabris

Lukas Gabris has a string of titles to his name, and in 2010 had his best result to date when he finished third at Mr Universe.

Last year 29-year-old Lukas admitted an under-par performance which saw him finish fifth at the world’s biggest bodybuilding contest.

But just the day after the competition, Hartlepool’s own five-time Mr Universe Eddy Ellwood contacted him and offered him a helping hand with coaching advice, which Lukas was delighted to accept.

Since starting the partnership, Lukas had made the trip to Hartlepool before each competition to work on final tweaks and changes.And the Slovakian-born bodybuilder has been hard at work in Eddy’s gym, Ellwood’s Fitness World, for the last two weeks ahead of the 2012 Mr Universe, due to be held in Southport this weekend.He has also benefited from the treatment of Olympic physio Martin Davies, at Active Physiocare, in Victoria Road. “Last year I had a bad placing at the Universe,” explained Lukas.

“Sometimes you can over-diet and my belly was drained, I didn’t have the right look.

“Obviously I was really disappointed but Eddy contacted me the day after the show.

“To be honest I hadn’t heard of him before but I searched him on Google and realised straight away he knew his stuff.

“He offered to help me out and he has been fantastic.

“In a year he has made the changes that would normally take about three years.”

Chester-based Lukas lives on a strict diet of seven meals a day consisting of chicken breast, egg whites, protein shakes, maize and banana.

He does weight training for three consecutive days before a rest day as well as involving cardio training in his workouts.

Despite a successful training camp with Eddy, Lukas says he is behind schedule for this weekend’s competition after suffering with a frustrating bout of flu, which caused him to miss 10 days of training and affected his metabolism.

“I’m about three weeks behind where I should be,” Lukas admitted.

“I have been working hard to get myself into shape, for me this weekend is about just making sure I don’t embarrass myself.”

Physio Martin Davies, who has worked closely with Lukas in his preparation, said: “Treating a guy as big as Lukas can be like a work out for me sometimes.

“But it’s a real honour to work with Lukas and help him prepare for his competitions.

“We have had a number of athletes come for treatment at the clinic but Lukas is definitely our most high-profile patient.”






2012 British Finals – Class 1 Winner

2012 NABBA World Championships – 2ndLukas Gabris Bodybuilding Titles
2012 NABBA Britain – Class 1 Winner
2012 NABBA North West – Class 1 Winner
2011 NABBA Mr England Class 1 Winner
2011 NABBA Mr Universe – Class 1 5th
2010 NABBA Mr England – Class 1 2nd
2010 NABBA Mr Universe – 3rd
2009 Mr UK – Class 1 Winner
2009 Mr Universe – Class 1 5th
2009 Mr England – Class 1 Winner
2009 NABBA central Britain – class1 winner
2009 UKBFF midlands – 3rd place in super heavies
2008 NABBA central Britain – 2nd class 1
2008 NABBA universe – 6th class1
2008 Mr England class – winner and overall winner
2008 Northstaffs Open – class 1 winner and overall winner
2007 NABBA world – 6th place class 1
2007 NABBA Britain – 4th place class 1
2007 Northwest UKBFF – winner
2007 NABBA northwest – 2nd class1
2006 Northwest UKBFF over 90kg – 2nd place
2006 NABBA North West – class 1 winner
2006 NABBA North West – class 1 winner
Slovakian junior championships – 3th place in over 90kg

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