Rebekah 'Bex' Wilson

Bex started athletics at the age of nine years old trying all different events before settling with 100m. At the age of 14 she moved from the small club of Altrincham to Sale Harriers and still competes for them today.

Over the past eight years Wilson has won five national titles over 100m, was a World Junior finalist in the 4x100m relay and is the current holder of the European Age Record (12) for 60m.

In 2010 through her athletics coashes Allyn Condon and Morris Condon, Wilson was approached by Paula Walker to compete in the two-women bob. At the Vancouver Olympics trilas Wilson places fifth and unfortunately missed out a spot on the team.

However, the pair reunited a year later when Wilson ranked first after the GB trials and the duo went to win the 2011 World Junior Championships, in Salt Lake.

The partnership proved to be a successful one witth Bex gaining a place alongside Paula, as they were both selected to represent Team GB at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.

"Somewhere behind the athlete you've become and the hours of practice and the couches who have pushed you, is a little girl who fell in love with the game and never looked back... play for her"

Sport - Bobsleigh 
Event - 2 Women Bob 
Date of Birth - 17/03/91 
Lives - Manchester 
Born - Manchester 
Height - (cm) 158.00 
Weight - (kg) 66.00 
Coach - Morris Condon, Allyn Condon 
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when you lost a race what in courage you to start bob slay ! also your my biggest inspiration
Thanks Jessica! Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a professional athlete. That was my dream. So at first bobsleigh was just something new to try because if you never try, you will never know how good you might be at something! If you have a dream and love what you do, that's what encourages you to keep going! :)
Thank you for coming to hill west and i am your biggest fan
Thank you for coming to my school can you come back next year with Darren ?????? X
Absolutely! Make sure you tell your teachers what a good time you had and then we can come back next year... :D
Thank you for moor parks wonderfull P.E SESSION
You are more than welcome :)
I loved the day you came to our school come back again because you one of my favorite people in the whole entire world
Thank you a lot please come back I loved it you told me what I want to do when I grow up. Your an inspiration thankyou
Hi I'm from ST Thomas halliwell thank you you have really intreged me in sport and I am deffonatly going to give it a go. You are my sporting champion please reply to this it would mean a lot thank you. I will tell you when I finish the 10 day challenge
Hi Nicole, thankyou for your message. How did the 10 day challenge go? I'm very happy that I have inspired you to do sport. Make sure you find something you love, work hard and enjoy it :D
Hi thank you for coming to my school I would love to follow in your footsteps your my sporting champion
Hi Bex! Thanks for coming to our school today. The children have had a really good time and loved hearing about your career and future hopes and dreams!
It was a pleasure, thank you for having me. I hope to see some mini Olympians in the future :)
I really enjoyed today when you visited my school. My favourite thing about today was the spotty dog, it was really fun. I don't like sport but it was fun today. Thank you.
Thank you Thea, You were brilliant at Spotty Dogs!! Keep working hard :) Bex
Hi Rebekah you have really inspired me to some thing big in my life like you. Hope you remember me from whaplode school.
Owen, what great news... I was just a little girl with a big dream and I managed to fulfil my lifelong wish of becoming an Olympian. Don't ever let anyone tell you you cant do something... where there is a will, there is a way. :D Bex
Reception had a few questions they would like to ask you following your visit today. Why do you bob sleigh? Harley Why do you run fast? Charlie Where do you get your bob sleigh from? Summer Why do you win all your races? Miley Why do you have a helmet? Dainton and Skye Why didn't you like bob sleigh in the first place? Thank you for visiting our school and doing sports with us :)
Harley: I do bobsleigh because I enjoy it and because I am good at it. Charlie: I run fast because my muscles were made with lots of fast powers and I do lots of practice :) Summer: My Bobsleigh comes from Austria. A man made it. Miley: I do lots of practice with my running and pushing the sled to try and win. I sometimes lose so I have to keep trying. Dainton: I have a helmet to keep my head safe so that I don't bang it on the ice. Skye: At first I didn't like it because it was scary! Bex
Hi Bex thx for coming to our school today with Darren my question is what does it feel like to be famous
Thanks Lois. It sometimes feels a little strange because I am just me and I forget that I have been on TV!
After you switched from running, how many years did it take you before you reached your first Olympics?
Hi Leo, It took me 5 years of full time training to make it to the Olympics in 2014! Bex
How old were you when you started bobsleighing?
Hi Marley, I first tried it at 17 and I got on the Great Britain Team at 18 :)
When do you train and for how long? Also, do you ever have any days off?
Hi Cerys, I train everyday except Tuesday and Friday. And I train for 4hours a day. Sometimes longer!
Do you ever feel nervous at the start of a race? Molly How do you mentally prepare for a race? Dom Why did you want to be an Olympian? Luke How much did you enjoy your first Olympics? Charlie How does it feel to win a medal? Lottie What are your future goals? Louise What advice would you give to someone who wants to be an Olympian? Cerys Do you enjoy your new sport? Alfie What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a runner? Marley Can you earn enough as an athlete to survive or do you have other jobs? Dom
Dear Ghana class, I hope you all had a great day, I will try and answer all of your questions... Molly: Yes I feel nervous before the start of every race because the bobsleigh tracks are quite scary! Dom: Before a race I go very quiet. I think carefully in my head of what I need to do, close my eyes and imagine myself running and pushing the sled! Luke: I wanted to be an Olympian because it is a very special thing. Not many people make it to the Olympics and it shows just how hard you have worked. Charlie: I enjoyed it very much and all of the wonderful things like going to the opening ceremony, being in the mountains, meeting other teams, living in the athletes village and watching all the other sports. But I felt very nervous and lots of pressure to do well, so I didn't enjoy that bit as much! Lottie: It feels great to win a medal, I am always really happy and proud of myself and my team. Louise: My future goals are to try and make it to the Summer Olympics playing Rugby!! Cerys: MY advice would be to find something that you are good at and that you enjoy and just keep working hard, no matter what! It wont be easy, but it will be worth it! Alfie: Yes I love playing rugby, there is a lot to learn and it is a great challenge and I am making lots of friends. Marley: If you want to become a runner you need to join an Athletics club. Then you can practice and find out what event is your best! Dom: I have to have other jobs because I do not earn enough. I train people in the gym and I go into school and talk to the children about sport, like I did in your school! Good questions Ghana! :) Bex
The children at Queensgate loved having you for the morning. You were amazing with all the kids and really inspired them. Even some of the least sporty kids in my class said that they were inspired by you and that they were going to remember to work hard. Thankyou.
Hi Linda, That is so great to hear! Makes what I am doing worthwhile. If I can make a difference however small I will be happy! Thanks for having me in the school... Hopefully see you again next year :D
How fast can you run and what is your partners name.
My teammate is called Paula Walker and she is my best friend. I can run almost as fast as Usain Bolt!! I do 30meters in 3.82 seconds... get a stopwatch out and get someone to time you for 30meters and see how fast you can run!!
Is it fun being in a bobsleigh team? And how do you run so fast without falling over? Thank you for visiting Cowes Primary school today xxxx
Is it fun being in a bobsleigh team? And how do you run so fast without falling over? Than you for visiting Cowes Primary School today xxxx
Hi :) Yes it is really fun being on a bobsleigh team, and I am lucky because the driver of my sled is my best friend - Paula Walker. Sometimes it gets hard but we help each other. I don't fall over because I have done lots of running practice at an Athletics club and the spikes on my shoes dig into the ground and stop me from slipping!
How long have you been in the Olympics. Do you like bob slaying. Have you ever broken a bone. Is your partner nice and kind. Why did you call your suet a super hero suet. Did YOU LIKE Cowes Primary School!
Hi Zoe, Yes I loved coming to your school! I was in the Olympics in January and February this year! 2014... before that I was training and doing lots of practice for it. I love doing bobsleigh and that is why it is easy to work hard at it because I want to do well. My partner Paula is lovely and she is my best friend so it is a very nice team. I have broken one of the bones in the top of my foot and it made it very painful to walk. I call it my superhero suit because I have to run really fast when I have it on and I feel like a superhero!
Thank you for coming to Cowes primary school, I really enjoyed you visit. I had protein and carbohydrate for my tea.
Hi Harrison, Sounds like you are having a nice healthy tea to give you lots of energy :) Keep it up!
Hi bed I just wanted to know if on the video that was your back byte grace
Hi Grace, no luckily that wasn't my back it was one of my friends on the boys team. He is called John Jackson. He came 5th at the Olympics.
Hi bex we all wanted to say a big Cowes primary school thanx all of Cowes primary school keep in touch
Thank you very much. I hope I have inspired a few to follow their dreams!
Bex have you ever won a medal in sprinting before
Hey Jakub, Yes I have lots more Athletics medals than bobsleigh ones... probably about 160!! But the main ones are from being British Champion in the 100m 5 times!
Thanks Jakub, Really glad you enjoyed it... Keep working hard and find what makes you happy :)
I am going to play for international team Poland and come back to see me please I have enjoyed all of the day and I hope you have A Good Christmas from Jakub

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