The Event

The DVD Introductory Assembly

Sports For You North Athlete

What to expect from your Sports for Champions DVD assembly film and what to do

Play the Sports For Champions "pep talk" DVD 2-3 weeks to the whole school in asembly prior to your athlete visit. This will motivate the children and create excitment and expectation of the forthcoming event, the film will include the following;

  • An explanation of the exercises
  • Why our GB athletes need this funding
  • Explanation of Sponsorship forms
  • Explanation of the Teachers' Checklists
  • And some added fun from the kid president actor!

 What you can do to prepare:

  • Ask children to research into the competitions mentioned in the assembly, i.e the Olympics the World Championships or the visiting athlete's sport
  • Create a school project on the history of the Olympic Games or sport in general
  • You could invite a member of the PTA to attend
  • Photocopy  sponsorship forms, teachers checklists and letter to parents provided in your welcome pack. These are to be handed out on your DVD assembly day in time for home time so the children can take them home and share their new found excitment and great expectation of the forthcoming athlete visit!

Event Day

What you can expect from your Sports For Champions Event Day

One of our Events Organisers will arrive with your visiting athlete at the time and date that you confirmed was best for yourselves to conduct the Sponsored Fitness Circuit Challenge! The visiting athlete will be interacting with the children throughout the circuit, encouraging and motivating them through the event. Inevitably, we hope that this will encourage the children to be more forthcoming with questions throughout the Inspirational Assembly that the athletes will present afterwards, and that this will mean that they get the most out of the day that they can.

The Event

  • Each class  does a series of exercises which last 7-8 minutes
  • The circuit moves from class to class – with the help of a ‘runner’ who keeps the classes moving in and out of the sports hall 
  • The total time needed for all classes depends on the size of your school.  Anything between 1 and 2.5 hours or a whole day.

The Inspirational Assembly

After the Fitness Circuit Challenge, and a short break, we will bring all of the children back together for an inspirational assembly with their visiting athlete. Each athlete has their own story, and their own journey into sports, and this is what our team share with the children. Below are a few questions that we ask each of our athletes to consider when they come on board with the team, and what they base their own personal assemblies around:

  • What inspired you about your sport?
  • What kind of avenues did you pursue in your career so far?
  • How is your training conducted, and what does it consist of?
  • How does a healthy diet affect your performance and training?
  • What are your immediate goals in your career?
  • What are your ultimate goals in your career?

After they have given their presentation, you can expect:

  • The athletes will give a demonstration of their sport or an aspect of their training ...
  • The athletes will show their medals to bring that WOW factor to the children's assembly
  • There will be a Questions and Answers Session with the children
  • The athlete presents  photo cards, posters and autographed instant photo of the child and their visiting athlete to the children who have raised certain amounts 
  • The overall ‘winning class’  is presented with a special class trophy!

What you can do to Prepare

  • All of the children must be wearing their P.E. Kits ready for their exercises, you could turn this into a "Wear your own Sports Clothes Day" for the children? Most especially we ask that you please ensure that the children are wearing suitable, non-slip footwear
  • You can allocate a runner for the team, to call up classes to the venue, so that there is a constant flow of children to and from the hall so that nobody loses their momentum! 
  • Get the children excited about the event !
  • Create a school  project related to the Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Eurapean Championships or the World Championships
  • Ask the children to prepare some questions for the athlete!
  • Sponsorship forms and money collected before the athletes visit
  • Teachers checklists to be filled out and handed to the secretarys office so the Sports For Champions bursar can organise the childrens prizes


Collecting Sponsor MoneySports For You North Athlete

  • The children are asked to bring their sponsorship forms and money before the Event
  • Why? The children will be awarded individual prizes for their hard work fundraising and a way of saying a big thank you personally by their athlete!

         £5-15 raised: A postcard photograph of the athlete

         £15-35 raised: A autographed A4 poster of the athlete

         £35 + raised: A autographed instant photo of the child & athlete mounted in a wallet    

  • Class prize - The class that works together as a team and raises the most sponsorship will receive an engraved trophy awarded to them by the athlete.