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What We Do & Why?

Our aim is to visit every school in the UK to deliver our message

Our company mission is to visit every school in the U.K and Ireland to inspire children to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Technology is a fantastic tool used in the right way of course! We feel children of today are more interested in playing a video game as soon as they get home from school, briefly eating an evening meal which sometimes will be in their bedroom alone as they are at a crucial level or part of a game which they have spent hours to achieve perhaps.


The average child in this country watches 7.5 hours of television, video games, computer every day. This is a horrifying number, in our opinion. While TV can be educational, most of what the children watch when left to their judgment is certainly not educational.


Our athletes have begun their journeys from an early age and can relate to peer pressure as they couldn’t stay out late with friends or eat fast food due to their strict diet and dedication to their training and coach. They also had other distractions in their lives like the television or video games, we are not saying these devices are all bad but just trying to get the message across that moderation is key in any hobby or interest at such an impressionable age.

Our athletes will show a PowerPoint presentation that is based on their own experience within sports at the schools they visit, they will explain their sporting  journey such as the competitions they trained for, the benefits of nutrition and their regime to achieve a healthy lifestyle. They will also show their medals to give the pupils that wow factor, whilst proving that their hard work and dedication was well worth it.


The athletes will then demonstrate their sport and invite some teachers and students to join fun activities related to their sport. The presentation is then finished off with a Q & A session.


We have had fantastic feedback over the years of children who have been truly inspired by our athletes, and have actually sold their video consoles after taking up a sport as they now spend their time challenging their body and mind rather than challenging a stranger on a video game online.

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