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What We Do & Why?

Our aim is to visit every school in the UK to deliver our message

Our company mission is to visit every school in the UK and Ireland with our team of professional athletes to inspire children to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Childhood obesity is on the rise, and the average child spends 7.5 hours in front of a screen each day – in the form of television, video games, computers, smartphones and tablets. This needs to change.


The key to our athletes’ visits is their relatability. When beginning their own sporting journeys at a young age, they understand the difficulty of peer pressure from social groups to stay out late or share junk food and the constant temptation and distraction of screens.

Whilst advocating the benefits of moderation, our athletes highlight the benefits of healthy living. Engaging with children through their own personal experiences, our athletes discuss training, nutrition and mental well-being, tailored to a level for kids of any and all ages to understand – proving that hard work and dedication is always worth it.


Visits also include the chance for children to see the athletes’ medals, followed by a fun physical demonstration of their sport where both teachers and pupils can get involved! Finally, children will have a chance to get to know their athlete even better with a Q&A session.


We’ve had fantastic feedback over the years from teaching staff and the children themselves, with pupils inspired to take up a sport to challenge themselves both physically and mentally – and reap the rewards. You can find out more over on our case study page.

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