• Full Name : Courtney Tulloch

When I was younger, I was a massive football fan. I watched it all the time with my brothers. One day I saw a player score a goal and do a somersault to celebrate, I thought to myself; wow, I wish I could do that. The next few weeks I drove my mum crazy cartwheeling and being upside down in the house so she took me to a gymnastics club, red bridge gymnastics club I was aged 6. The club talent identified me and told me to more to a better facilitated club called east London, I was here for 5 years which is where my love for the sport grew. I found myself progressing rapidly and was spotted my the national head coach, I was put onto the elite performance pathway along with other children my age from various clubs.

It wasn’t long before I was competing In my first competition for Great Britain, I loved every minute and thought to myself, this is what I want to do, I’m going to make it to the Olympics one day. I thrived of the buzz of competing and used this to my advantage to advance my gymnastics career.

10 or so extra years of training and I have now achieved British, European and Commonwealth medals. My journey however, is far from over and in two years time I hope to be competing for my country at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!