• Full Name : Danny Purvis

“I first began gymnastics at the age of seven. I tried football before that
but soon realised this wasn’t the sport for me. As a young boy I was full
of energy, always on the go, having fun, climbing trees, playing with my
friends and jumping about, hyperactive really, so my family and friends
thought I might enjoy the sport of Gymnastics. I was then introduced to
Southport Gymnastics Club which I joined and that was how it all
began. From the very start I loved the sport. It gave me something to
focus on and channel the tremendous energy I seemed to have. It was at
Southport that I met Jeff Brooks who would become my personal coach
and I have trained with Jeff at Southport for over twenty years. The first
aim was to make the GB Squad and I had to finish in the top fifteen at
the National Finals and then attend further trials. I made it and that was
when it all started. The rest of my career took a lot of hard work,
determination and perseverance. There were many ups and downs,
highs and lows and a huge commitment from my parents driving me to
training six days a week. They supported me and picked me up when I
was down along with my coach Jeff. I needed their support training
over thirty two hours a week as well as many competitions across the
country and abroad. My career would never have been possible without
their commitment and efforts.”