• Full Name : Stephanie Inglis
  • DOB : 03/11/1988
  • Sport : Judo
  • Coach : Robert Inglis

I was born in Inverness in Scotland and I began Judo at the age of 4 with my father, Robert, being my first coach. When I was 8 I entered my first Judo competition where I won my first gold medal and I fell in love with the competition experience. When I was 13 I became a member of the GB Judo Team and travelled and competed all over for international competitions and camps for both Scotland and Great Britain, and my sights were always on competing at the Commonwealth Games representing Team Scotland in 2014. At the Commonwealth Games I achieved a silver medal. I was also very proud to be part of this Team as the Judo team broke the record for being the most successful team at the Commonwealth Games for Scotland. I then decided to do something completely different and move over to Vietnam for 5 months were I worked as an English teacher.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time teaching over there and managed a classroom very well due to my background experience in coaching children in judo, however i missed my Judo training and had the intention of returning from Vietnam to train to compete again. However, in May of 2016 I was the in a serious motorcycle accident that left doctors thinking I only had a 1% chance of survival. After a close friend very bravely set up a fund to get me home and cover the costs of my medical bills, I returned home from Scotland and slowly but surely began to recover from my injuries.

In January 2017 I underwent my final operation on the way to a full recovery, yet due to my injuries I will no longer be able to compete. I enjoy going to schools to truly prove to children that you can overcome anything that you fight for when you put your mind to