Basketball Masterclass Workshop

Learn from pro basketball player Pierre Henry Fontaine

Learn from the Professionals!

Welcome to our brand new Basketball Masterclass Workshop! Designed for pupils of all ages and abilities, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to meet a professional basketballer, hone skills, develop teamwork, and learn the nuances of the game from one of the UK’s best.

Workshop Details:

Total Duration: 3 hours – Including our AM morning event slot from 9 AM to 12 PM.

Assembly/Personalised Presentation: 20 minutes

Session Duration per Group: 7.5 minutes

Number of Groups: 20 (Ideal for 500 students; adaptable for different group sizes)

Chris Tawiah Basketball workshop

Session Breakdown:

Our Basketball Masterclass Workshop offers a dynamic and structured session designed to enhance your pupils’ basketball skills through interactive and engaging exercises. The session begins with a whole school inspirational assembly accompanied by a personalised PowerPoint presentation, providing students with the opportunity to learn about their visiting basketballer. This introduction sets the stage for the day, emphasising fun, learning, and respect for all skill levels.

Following the assembly, the workshop unfolds with a series of activities, starting with ball bouncing exercises aimed at improving dribbling skills and ball control. This is followed by a session on passing, where various techniques are mastered through pair-based and line drills, highlighting the importance of accuracy and teamwork. The workshop continues with a focus on shooting, teaching basic mechanics through the B.E.E.F technique and practical practice. It concludes with a recap of the day’s skills and a motivational message to inspire continuous improvement and passion for the game, all while ensuring efficient transitions between activities to maximise engagement and learning momentum.

Key Features

Pro Basketball Star Engagement

Direct involvement in demonstrations and activities, offering personalized tips and inspiring stories.

Volunteer Integration

Active participation from students as volunteers in each session, ensuring inclusivity and peer learning.

Girls Basketball Workshop

Target Audience

Students aged 5-16, adaptable for various skill levels.

Equipment Provided

All necessary basketballs and training equipment will need to be provided by your school. 

Dress COde

Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable athletic attire.

Booking Info

For booking and Enquiries, follow the button below for a member of our team to get in touch. We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your school’s needs.

Jamell Anderson School Basketball Workshop

Jamell was amazing – we could not have a better sporting champion for our day.What was great was that the power of an inspirational sporting champion shone through on the day.  A wonderful day and I look forward to our next one.

– Clare Mount Specialist College

Pierre Henry Fontaine Masterclass Basketball Workshop

Pierre took time to speak to each group and give a motivational speech on the importance of going for their goals and staying active to keep healthy. Thank you for reinforcing what we try to instill in each student at this school. It was a very beneficial visit.

– St Agatha’s Catholic Primary

Chris Tawiah Basketball Workshop Masterclass

Chris was superb with the children during the inspirational assembly. The children worked really hard and were super engaged throughout.

– High Ash C Of E Primary

Our Basketball Athletes

Chris Tawiah Athlete Bio

Chris Tawiah

Corey Samuels Bristol Flyers basketball player

Corey Samuels

Danny Evans

Jamell Anderson

Joe Hart

Leah McDerment Basketball player

Leah McDerment

Nate Montgomery Athlete Bio

Nate Montgomery

Pierre Henry Fontaine

Sophie Carrigill

Tyler Baines holding his 2022 Commonwealth Games bronze medal.

Tyler Baines

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