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Team Building Activities: Introducing Corporate Workshops

Over the past 10 years, we have made it our mission to reach every child in the UK with our dedicated team of professional athletes to inspire them to take up sport and lead a healthy, active lifestyle.


However, it’s not just children who can benefit from regular exercise – adults do too! Not only does regular exercise help to build fitness and strength, but it can also reduce the risk of major illnesses like strokes, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. What’s more, taking up a sport or scheduling in regular exercise can be the simple endorphin-fuelled mood booster to decrease stress and anxiety and give you a bit of ‘me time’ and provides opportunities to make new friends and connect with people in the real world, away from phone screens.


Last year, the World Health Organisation reportedthat a third of UK adults aren’t getting enough exercise – a figure which has risen by 5% in the past 15 years. So why don’t adults exercise?


In today’s difficult economy, more and more of us have to commute to work in a car, bus or train only to spend hours sat at our desks. Those with families then may spend even more time in their car taking children to and from school, clubs and friends’ houses. This situation is unavoidable for many, but there are simple changes we can make to our lifestyle to ensure that we are treating our bodies properly.


Making a commitment to yourself to take just a small amount of time to exercise each week is the first step towards a healthier you. But let’s be honest, the first step is always the hardest!


If you’re looking to boost your team’s energy, morale and all-round wellbeing – we’re here to help you out with just that.


This summer, we’re launching our very first corporate workshops where our professional athletes will visit your company for a corporate day that’s fun-filled and motivational. We understand that every business is unique with different dynamics, which is why our team works closely with you to create a bespoke event tailored to your team and their needs.


For those looking to put their teams’ health and wellbeing first, there’s no better motivation than an inspirational talk from an athlete who has fought to become champions in the world of sports. These athletes weren’t born into privilege with multi-million sponsorship deals, many had to work multiple jobs alongside their training – making them the perfect role models for those who struggle to find the time to exercise.


The beauty of these team building activitiesis that the day can be tailored to suit your company – no matter what size team or how much space you have available. For those who wish, we can work with you to organise some more hands-on activities like bespoke circuits exercises which employees can do in their own home.


We guarantee that your team will finish feeling refreshed, revitalised and motivated. Contact usfor more info on our corporate sports workshops!