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Amidst the chaos of COVID_19, SFC continues to engage the plethora of guidance and professional support offered by health authorities in-line with programmes that educate, enable, and empower youth across Europe.

In preparation to return to 100 schools a month across the UK, SFC has undertaken a number of courses to help safeguard youth from a public health perspective. The certifications obtained required SFC to address critical topics, including hygiene, infection control, readiness, symptomology, and epidemiology.

A number of additional internal/external communications were sent to safeguard and guide staff/contractors.

Adaptations to each programme, workshop, visit, and clinic comply fully with the legislation delivered by the leading government [public] health authority in each of the respective UK nation states: Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

SFC encourages all parties that seek confirmation of the measures taken to get in touch with the Communications Team via social media @Sports4Champs. 

Working together with care has never been more important for our youth. #Sports4Champions

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