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We’re excited to announce a transformative partnership between Sports For Champions CIC and DUOLIFE, a prominent Health and Wellness company. This collaboration aims to empower underprivileged athletes, promote well-being, and make a lasting impact.

DUOLIFE becomes the official sponsor for Sports For Champions CIC’s fundraising initiatives, crucial for supporting athletes facing financial challenges. This partnership reflects DUOLIFE’s commitment to health, well-being, and making a real difference.

This partnership is driven by a shared vision: inspiring individuals to lead healthier lives and achieve their dreams, whether in sports or any other field. The alignment of values makes this partnership a perfect fit.

DUOLIFE x Sports for Champions

"We are thrilled to be partnering with DUOLIFE. This collaboration represents an exciting opportunity for our athletes and staff. Furthermore, the contributions to our athlete and community fund will play a vital role in upholding our commitment to ensuring that no school misses out on the transformative workshops we offer."

Our Athletes use DUOLIFE

Mica Mcneill, Danny Evans and Jaydon Paddock will be testing DUOLIFE products over the next few months, to keep up with their progress drop your email in the box below.

what products does duolife offer?


From the Pure Formula line, this collection offers a range of food supplements, each derived from natural sources in concentrated doses. They are primarily encapsulated in HPMC, an organic cellulose derivative, ensuring a delayed release. The line boasts a diverse range, from ingredients that support natural sexual activity, fertility, and vitality to those that help with blood glucose maintenance, weight control, and stress resistance. Certain supplements even assist in sleep onset and bolster the immune system. One unique variant uses vegan “softgel” tapioca capsules for its formulation. Each supplement is designed with utmost care to promote overall well-being.


These products are a range of liquid food supplements crafted with meticulously chosen, naturally derived ingredients, adhering to the principles of synergism. Each formulation presents a unique blend, ranging from fruit juices and valuable plant extracts such as acerola, camu camu, and bamboo shoots, to more specialized compositions like marine fish skin collagen, glucosamine sulphate, and sodium-copper chlorophyllin. Other supplements target specific benefits, such as supporting hair growth, enhancing blood health, cognitive function, or providing dietary fiber. Each product underscores a commitment to quality, often incorporating patented or proprietary formulas like ASTRAGIN®, BOSWELLIN®, CogniviaTM, and Asafin®*, all designed to offer optimal bioavailability and health benefits.


Effervescent tablets that serve as dietary supplements designed to bolster various facets of health: from supporting the heart, muscles, cardiovascular and nervous systems to boosting energy, concentration, and vitality. These tablets also play pivotal roles in maintaining proper water and electrolyte balance, promoting muscle work, recovery, nerve impulse transmission, and ensuring the optimal condition of the motor system, bones, teeth, and more. Each formula has been meticulously crafted with top-quality ingredients, synergistically combined for maximum efficacy. All products include BioPerine® – a proprietary, patented natural formula known to enhance nutrient absorption. These supplements are offered in delectable flavors, ranging from raspberry-lemon to passion fruit-orange, orange-peach, and lemon-pineapple.


These products are composed of meticulously chosen ingredients of natural origin, consistent with the principles of synergism. Each one forms a distinct composition from a blend of proprietary formulas derived from fruits, vegetables, and herbs, combined with other valuable plant extracts and components. Some supplements include ingredients standardized for active ingredients to ensure a defined and guaranteed content of health-beneficial compounds. Whether sourced from mangosteen, citrus fruits, beetroot, or fenugreek seeds, each product promises a unique and synergistic health benefit to its consumers.

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