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Here is everything you need to know to improve your Ofsted rating. What are the changes to the Ofsted scoring system? Along with how your school can profit from our successful fundraising model.

Ofsted’s Focus On The Future

Ofsted has changed its emphasis, putting more importance on extracurricular activities and participation in sports. This can be attributed to the increasingly sedentary lifestyle led by our young people. The government\’s concern is that without direct action the health and well-being of our school children will continue to deteriorate in the coming future.

As part of this new plan, the government has launched a series of regional pilots, to trial innovative approaches to encourage more young people to be active, in particular those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Amanda Spielman, Ofsted Chief Inspector of Education has stated “Schools that offer children a broad, balanced education, including plenty of opportunities to get active during the school day and through extracurricular activities, will be rewarded under our new inspection regime.”

\"Amanda Amanda Spielman, OFSTED Chief Inspector of Education

Further to this, the Department for Education has now published details of its healthy school rating scheme. This scheme will celebrate the positive actions that schools are taking in terms of healthy living, healthy eating and physical activity, demonstrating their commitment to a new approach toward sport in school.

Amanda Spielman continued, “squeezing subjects like PE out of the curriculum overlooks the fundamental purpose of education… giving children the skills, knowledge and qualities they need to succeed in life.” Life skills are developed during all lessons but PE helps our young people find what they are physically capable of, build upon their skills and unlock the talent they possess.

Schools play a vital role in young people’s lives and they must be supported to provide high quality, modern PE lessons that engage young people as well as opportunities for them to be active throughout the school day.

In addition to PE lessons, clubs and lunchtime activities, schools can encourage involvement in sports by organising a trip or event such as a Sports For Champions Elite Athlete Workshop.

How We Can Help

An inspirational professional athlete workshop offers your pupils an interactive and empowering experience, along with the ability to raise vital funds for your school and also give you the chance to improve your Ofsted rating!

With your help, we can inspire our community of young people! From our roster of pro, para and Olympic athletes a Sports For Champions workshop is the ideal way to deliver impactful messages around motivation, health and wellbeing.

\"Improve Paralympian James Ball holding an inspirational assembly.

Our workshops have helped with increasing attendance, enthusiasm around sport and participation in school clubs that compete with other schools and create a sense of community.

Our successful fundraising model pays for your event to go ahead and your school will receive 60% of the money raised over the target in cash on the day of the event. So not only will the event create a buzz around your school and inspire pupils, but it will also raise vital funds for whatever your school is in need of.





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