EU Indoor Athletics: What Happened?

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The last blog posted was dedicated to the upcoming European Indoor Athletics Championships. Over the weekend all of the contestants contested, and all of the races were ran. We had a great time watching it all from the comfort of our own couch, which is a fantastic contrast to the athletes running blistering speeds on the track if I do say so myself as it became a running joke throughout the weekend.

Now that everything has finished, it’s time to look at everything in retrospect and review how our very own team and SFC athletes fared in their own events!

Starting with Great Britain; Great Britain achieved a lot this year, but it was still not enough to top their excellent performance in the then normal world way back in Glasgow, 2019 when the Great British team earned a whopping 12 medals across all events, however just two years ago in Glasgow the Great British team scored more higher value medals in an impressive four gold medals, six silver medals, and just two bronze medals. Whereas this year they scored six bronze medals, four silver medals and two gold medals. This placed them third in the overall medal table.

The Medals

Britain scored their first medals in the women’s 3000m race as Amy-Eloise Markovc took home Britain’s first gold medal and Verity Ockenden took home Britain’s first bronze medal, a fantastic result for Great Britain’s medal campaign. The race was extremely close as Britain’s own Ockonden had the silver medal pipped at the finish line by France’s Alice Finot.

A closely contested conclusion captured in a photo finish involving GB's Markovc & Ockonden, as well as France's Finot.
Photo finish between GB’s Markovc & Ockonden, and France’s Finot.
Britain’s second medal came from women’s pole vault in another close event, so close that Iryna Zhuk actually shared the bronze medal with Holly. This was followed by Holly Archer achieving a silver medal in the women’s 1500m. After that, Jodie Williams also achieved a bronze medal in the women’s 400m! This was even a new personal best for Jodie.
Andy Pozzi was next to win a medal as he achieved a silver medal in the Men’s 60m Hurdles. Followed by Tiffany Porter and Cynthia Sember claiming silver and bronze medals in the 60m Women’s Hurdles.
Next up was Keely Hodgkinson with a sensational race in the Women’s 800m as she stormed to this finish line with the rest of the pack at her heels as Joanna Jozwick came second just over a tenth of a second behind Keely.
Finally, the two final events; both Men and Women’s 4x400m Relay’s. The men’s team consisting of  Joe Brier, Owen Smith, James Williams and Lee Thompson. And the women’s team consisting of Zoey Clark, Jodie Williams, Amarichi Pipi and Jessie Knight.


Our Athletes’ Performance

Unfortunately, we were looking forward to one of our very own athlete in Beth Dobbin who was coached by another Sports For Champions Athlete in Leon Baptiste too. They are some of our most prestigious athletes and have donated lots of their time towards our cause and have inspired thousands of children with their stories of resilience and determination.

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