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We understand that athlete’s don’t wave a magic wand and provide themselves with the funds that it takes to train up to standard and attend the competitions that will really have an impact on their country.

A lot of athlete’s have multiple jobs and tight training schedules making it an extremely gruelling commitment.

Sports for Champions wants to take the stress of accumulating funds for things such as training and medical bills and competition registration fees away so that they can focus on representing their country, excelling in their sport and inspiring the children of tomorrow to live a healthier more active lifestyle.


At Sports for Champions, we do not discriminate against where our athlete’s are at in their professional career. We represent athlete’s from grass root level, to athletes that have represented their country at prestigious competitions such as the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics.

Our main aim is to support our athletes financially and provide them with a platform where they can inspire the next generation to get involved in sport and show the participants of our events the doors that their chosen sport has opened up for them personally. We do this by putting our athletes in direct contact with schools, clubs and businesses where they host a short fitness circuit and then conduct a motivational presentation. Each presentation is unique to each athlete’s journey, where you will be able to really tell your story and talk about the obstacles you have had to overcome to get to where you are today.

We create a positive buzz around our athlete’s, the events that they attend and the achievements that they make in their career as they happen! We do this using our social media platforms, creating individual artwork to be provided to the people getting involved in our events and encouraging those hosting our events to publicise their athlete visit in any way they choose.

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