Inspiring Journeys: How Our Athletes Shine at Sports For Champions

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How We Inspire: Our Mission at Sports For Champions

We aim to support our athletes through thick and thin. Our initiative enables athletes to inspire young people whilst being able to raise funds for their own endeavours such as travel costs, accommodation, and upgrades to their equipment. These are covered by the services we provide to schools, at no extra cost.

We are dedicated to supporting athletes, and our payment structure is built around supporting the school along with our athlete. This means that any money raised will be put back into the school we are working with along with the particular athlete that we are working with to supply the event.

The Athletes Driving Our Inspiring Vision

Our Athletes

I’d love to hear about what our athletes think about the work that we do and find out why they were drawn to the work that we do in the first place. All of them are kind, determined, and have some fantastic stories to tell from our up-and-coming personalities such as Jay Paddock, a 19-year-old gymnast, to our senior athletes like Leon Baptiste!

They are all extremely proud to be a part of what we do here at Sports For Champions as Ezekiel ‘Zeeks’ Ewulo, a Long Jump athlete. He has been with us for a decade, and remains one of our most active athletes as he participates in a handful of events each month.

Ezekiel ‘Zeeks’ Ewulo: A Decade of Inspiring Dedication

Zeeks’ dedication to our mission says a lot about his personality and love for helping and aiding others. Zeeks does a lot for us and is passionate about the workshops he holds as he has a passion for helping and inspiring people so they can be the best version of themselves.

Issa Batrane: Volleying Inspiration to Thousands

Issa has been with us for a year and a half. He is extremely active in his role as an athlete at Sports For Champions and has helped to inspire thousands of children throughout his time with us. Issa is a professional Beach Volleyball player. He plays for Bournemouth University, along with Great Britain.

Unfortunately, last year Issa had the chance to qualify for the Olympics, but the pandemic put a halt on those plans.

Issa has had some of the same experiences that we offer.

“When I was in school Frank Lampard came to visit, and I was a massive Chelsea fan at the time so it had a massive effect on me, and it really inspired me.”

This is exactly what we at Sports For Champions love to do, and by making just that little difference to a person’s day it can mean the world, like it did for Issa!

The Sports For Champions mission is to inspire people and give them the knowledge and tools to reach their goals. Issa knows this and it’s what inspires him to inspire others each week.

Issa’s Inspirational Experience with Sports Icons

“The aspect of being able to inspire each person in certain areas such as academics or exercise. I love the feeling of being able to make a difference.”

As you can see, Issa adores the feeling of making a difference and helping people; his dedication to our mission shows this!

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