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Keeping Kids Active In The Summer Holidays

Throughout the summer holidays, children can often find themselves being inactive. With no structured PE lessons to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle, children can lose momentum, both physically and mentally. Therefore, it is important for parents to help keep their kids active over the six-week period!


The garden can be the perfect space for children to exercise in the safety of their own home whilst enjoying fresh air. As ambassadors for getting kids excited about exercise, we hope that this summer’s Wimbledon tennis competition and the 2019 Women’s FIFA World Cup has really inspired your children to become engaged in sport. Swingball is a great tether tennis game to get the kids involved in, whilst football is a perfect garden sport which can help your children to participate in sixty minutes of physical activity – a recommendation from the Chief Medical Office.


The Ukactive Research Institutefound that British children’s fitness slumps by approximately eighty percent during the summer holidays, whilst a Sport England reportin 2018 discovered that one in three children in England do fewer than thirty minutes of physical activity per day. This is worrying because researchshows that the correct amount of daily physical activity is likely to reduce anxiety and depression in children. The summer holidays can be a great period for developing children’s self- esteem and confidence by taking part in sport.


For younger children, basketball, ultimate frisbee and rounders can be brilliant options to get them active. For teenagers, encouraging individual participation in the form of swimming or weightlifting can be empowering and help improve focus. If you’re looking to do something as a family to help get your children active over the holidays, a nature walk or an adventure holiday can be the perfect option for getting the right amount of exercise!


In our digital world, children are spending a lot more time in front of screens and being less active. We aim to inspire children in the UK to take up sport and lead a healthy and active lifestyle by organising athlete school visits.

Getting your children active over the summer can really help to keep them feeling happy. This will also help to prepare them for their P.E. lessons in September and a potential visit from one of our athletes!


If you would like an athlete to visit your child’s school, contact us on 0151 559 2685 or email us at