Looking Back to Move Forward

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We’re living in an uncertain time experiencing something that many of us had little to no expectation of ever occurring. The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has had an astronomical impact on the global economy & the global population, in this piece I’ll focus on the latter.

Throughout my career as a footballer and even now in my retirement, I have always looked for opportunities to grow & to develop. Seeking out areas for improvement, events I can deliver, people I can connect with and changes I can help bring about. I think as humans we find it very easy to look forward, to look ahead and see what is in front of us; it makes sense, after all, our eyes are in the front of our heads, not the back. We look to the next weekend, the next holiday, the next competition and there is certainly immense value in preparation, planning and prediction. But we must be careful not to neglect our rear-view mirror, discarding events of the past. 

When we look backwards, we can reflect and learn. We can see where we have gone wrong, the mistakes we have made and pick up on cues we missed the first time around. Have you ever heard the phrase “hindsight is a beautiful thing”? Often you’ll hear it from somebody in a dismissive tone when highlighting a mistake. But think about that phrase for a second, hindsight truly is a beautiful thing. It allows us to use our past mistakes to improve our decision-making and our skills, so that next time we step out onto the pitch we’re better than we were the week before.

Sometimes you just need to look backwards to make the right moves going forwards. A reflection, just like hindsight, is a beautiful thing, just look in the mirror.

Dream big, work hard, stay humble.

Fil Kamps

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