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Loveable Rogue – James Jones (School Liaison Representative)

I’m Jay, full name is James and I joined the Sports for Champions team about 2 months ago.

I was born in a town called Wrexham back in June 1993 with my Mum and biological Dad. They did not have much to offer but love, caring and a roof over my head, which is all you could ask for.

My mum had learning difficulties, which meant looking after a brand new baby was hard work and with my father not being much help, it made it harder for her.

At the age of 3, my mum couldn’t cope any longer and social services took over my life. Even though this was difficult for my mother, she made what she thought was the best decision for me.

My first foster home, is not a memory that has a special place in my heart for. I was made to feel left out, mistreated and not a part of the family. When it came to bed-time, I had to go to bed before the others; I shared a bedroom with their son and had to stay on my side of the room. I also didn’t have many toys! I had to do everything their son said, watch what he wanted and also wasn’t allowed to play with his toys unless I was told or he wanted to someone to play with. I was with those foster parents 6 months and it wasn’t a good point in my life.

I then moved again to a town called Ellesmere Port, where I met my second foster parents. At the age of 4, I was scared and worried that I was going to experience the same environment as what I was put into at my last foster home, but I didn’t. I was made to feel welcome, got to be a part of the family, and spent the next 4 years of my life there. I got to play all kinds of sports such as rugby and football. I also suffered a few injuries on the way from being involved in so much sport! I broke my left arm, moved my elbow joint an inch and my left wrist!

Deep down, I was upset and heartbroken because I just wanted to be with my mum. I was allowed to see her at family centres or in place’s I was not familiar with. I spent time crying and felt worried that I was never going to be able to be with her again. I moved on again from this family at the age of 8!


 Yet, it wasn’t all doom and gloom!

My next foster family was my most favourite foster family and the best parents a kid could ask for! As soon as I met them, I knew I had found somewhere I could belong! My foster mother’s name was Margaret and my foster father’s name was Kev. They both have made a massive difference in my life and helped me to overcome some difficult times when I got older too.

With Margaret and Kev, I was made to feel like I was family and like one of their own. I got to travel to places like America, Mexico, The Canary Islands and even Croatia! I met new family members over in America and I loved everything about it! We even went away for breaks in wales every weekend to their caravan after school!

This was me in high school. Unfortunately, I was the victim of bullying due to the colour of my hair and being overweight. On my first two days of high school I got into fights because of getting bullied. I had not caused any harm and did not want to fight nor did I start those fights but the children at the school seemed to take a disliking towards me!

Throughout school, all the way to Year 10, I did not want go to school due to the bullying. I did not want to get out of bed but I had support from my foster parents and my foster brother who made me feel better. They made me want to go to school and educate myself and to improve myself in the most relevant time in High School, GCSE’s!

Although, nothing changed. I got taller and started to become more and more upset and angry at the bullying. I then got into more fights and got into trouble to the point where I got expelled from school during my GCSE’s!

I am not an aggressive person and nor do I think bullying should lead to violence, I tried telling teachers and my foster parents but, unfortunately, the bullying just persisted. So, at the start of year 10, I decided to dye my hair because I didn’t know what else to do!

It did not matter what I did, they just continued and nothing changed. I then started missing days of school because I was scared and so upset to go that I did not want to go.

Although, I did make friends and when I got older I wanted to go out, visit my friends and play football, yet, my foster parents wanted me to do my coursework and do well in school. So, I would sneak out after school and then I’d get into trouble because of it!

I then found out that biological mother had moved closer to me. When I was 15, I did what I thought was the best for me, which was to go back to my mum but it turned out to be a big mistake. Due to being away from her from so long, I moved in immediately but I started to get into trouble more at school, missing school days and being late all around the time of my GCSE’s.

My mum kicked me out at the age of 16. I then had to stand on my own feet, try to find a job and get somewhere new to live.

At the age of 20, I then had my first baby, which was massive change to my life. I was petrified and I did not know what to do! I tried my best to support the mother of my son and to make sure he was not coming into the world with no family. Yet, things did not go to plan and I still see him as much as I can. My son is now 5 and growing up so big!

I was not the best at controlling my temper and I got into trouble a few times with the police due to fighting and making big mistakes.

I had to change my ways otherwise I would of gone to prison and that’s when I met my fiancée.

I am now happily engaged to my gorgeous fiancée and have another son who is two that I love so much. I have my own family who I provide and support for, they are my rock and even on a bad day, they are always there to make me smile!

I have experienced a lot growing up and changed the way I act and controlled my anger issues. No one is perfect, but it is the way I was when I was younger that has made me want change my life around. I started to grow up and have accomplished so much.

I’ve lost my friend who I miss everyday to a freak accident at fishing and also another friend through leukaemia, I miss them both and will never forget them.

This year I lost my foster father who took the role in my life as my real Dad. I was devastated and heartbroken. I went into depression and suffered. I lost a massive amount of weight due to not eating, started to neglect playing football. Yet, luckily I had my family to help me work through it.

I have also lost my friend to a freak accident at fishing and another friend through leukaemia. I miss them both every day and will never forget them.

My fiancé, Stacey, helped me through it all just by sticking by me, keeping me in a positive mind set and talking through everything with me. When you lose your father figure in your life, your world turns upside down and I did not know how to cope. You have to talk to loved ones and stay strong, it was tough but I made through it!

I play football for my local pub team where I am the goalkeeper! I have had injuries from taking part in sport. I have broken my finger and thumb on the same hand and I’ve had muscle injuries such as my calf, groin and I’ve ruptured my quad. It has never stopped me from playing and taking part in sport! I used to play football 6 times a week, now I just stick to a Sunday and train on a Wednesday night, which is just enough now.

I have come to the end of my story and, hopefully, it helps someone out there if they have suffered anything similar to me. I have overcome obstacles over time and my past has made me stronger and I’ve learnt from mistakes now I’m concentrating on my present and future and let’s see what happens in the future!