On a Mission to Educate, Enable, and Empower

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A decade in to its mission to educate, enable, and empower youth towards healthier active lifestyles, Sports For Champions UK (CIC) is now a ‘Community Interest Company’ and a successful Social Enterprise operating on an international scale.

Over 10 years, the Team has taken SFC’s mission to all corners of the UK, the Republic of Ireland, mainland Europe, and The Gambia. Having acquired 45-50 active athlete partnerships the Team actively inspire 5,000 children a week as champions of tomorrow – in all walks of life!

In 2018/19, SFC doubled its engagement of children and now collaborates with 100 schools a month in the UK. In 2019 the organisation secured its first international partner (soon to be announced) and launched a record number of initiatives throughout its history all at once, with great thanks to the hard work of its staff at all levels.

SFC’s mission is currently focussed on community engagements that befit the national agenda for child welfare, public health and safety.

A member of the team said, “We are so pleased with the growth of our reach and the outcome for children in local communities – and further afield! Sincere thanks to our world-class athletic partners, we couldn’t achieve our mission without them”.

Raising money for schools as important community assets is top priority at SFC, as per the primary objective of its School Programme. As the organisation\’s founding initiative, fundraising with schools is what supports the athlete that visits to empower youth. SFC does this by raising support from local communities to help professional/para/Olympic talents with costs relating to sports equipment, travel, fees, medical bills, treatments, and nutrition. They get a very memorable event in return with thank you rewards for all!

\’People helping people\’ has always been a sustainable way for communities to progress. As Social Enterprise UK say, \’this where society profits\’.

You can read about SFC’s new knife crime, self-esteem and resilience workshops online at www.SportsForChampions.com. New bespoke athlete merchandise is also gradually being rolled out in the organisation’s e-Shop, with hundreds of custom pieces ready to claim! It\’s all very high quality with profits automatically reinvested into the School Programme.

Stay tuned for exciting updates already in the pipeline! Connect on Insta/Tw @Sports4Champs #Sports4Champions

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