Physical Activity: A Proven Learning Aid

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Physical Activity:

A Proven Learning Aid


\”This is why we do it!\”

Physical activity is incredibly important to the holistic and healthy development of children. Notable improvements in academic performance and attainment continue to be found by researchers with youth that exercise regularly whilst maintaining a balanced diet.

In order to make sure that our children have the best possible chance in the world’s increasingly competitive educational arena, and therefore professionally in the years to follow, we must ensure they get out and enjoy plenty of fun physical activity before recharging with nutritious meals. Weekends with PlayStation, pizza and Pepsi are not the way forward!

A new Super Movers study demonstrates the positive effect exercise has on the learning power of children at primary school – like so many other experiments have. Recent findings noted:

  • 77% of participating schools recorded an improvement in brain function and learning in pupils after exercise
  • Exercise improved the mood of all children, particularly boys
  • Brain speed improved by up to 19% following exertion

The study tested the impact of physical activity and the effect(s) it has on learning with over 1,000 pupils from 17 primary schools across the UK.

Now you know why our inspirational athlete visits make the entire school exercise first!

Imagine taking a world-class athlete into a school of awestruck children, all of whom exercised minutes before a full school assembly. Sports for Champions UK leverages the undivided attention that athletes get from children to ensure they receive important messages on diet, as well as the benefits and requirement of physical exercise. Following inspirational stories from each athlete on their rise to fame, childhood memories, training and more, we top it all off with medals, a Q&A session, and a spectacular demonstration of the attending athlete’s sport!

As a Community Investment Company (CIC, non-profit) registered with Social Enterprise UK, Sports For Champions UK (SFC) works to inspire children as the champions of tomorrow, collaborating with professional athletes and Team GB Olympians to educate, enable, and empower local youth. All fundraising is conducted under the supervision of the British Fundraising Regulator.

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Said research was led by a Super Movers team and Dr Eef Hogervorst, Professor of Biological Psychology in the School of Sport, Exercise, and Health Sciences at Loughborough University. You can read what he had to say here:


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