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Anti-knife Crime Programme

Are you looking to provide motivational advice to your students from a sports professional or simply looking to create a sense of community within your student accommodation?

If so, Sports for Champions are here to help. We work with over 30 athletes from different backgrounds in sport who can talk about how they have overcome struggles through dedication and hard work or simply provide team building events through fun sports circuits.

Please look below for more information on how to get involved.


Tackling Knife Crime Programme 

Hardly a week goes by when our airwaves don’t deliver the devastating news of knife attacks in our country. Knife crime is currently at its highest point in the last 6 years in the UK, and its spreading to our children – the number of under-18s admitted to hospital as a result of knife-related crime rose from 318 to 573 in 5 years alone.
As knife crime in under-18s rises, so does the number of children who choose to carry a knife as a means of self-defence and protection against others with knives – feeding into a vicious circle.

Knife crime is an epidemic, we have to act now to protect our children.

We need to educate our children on the effects that knife crime has on individuals, their friends and their families. 1 in 5 knife crimes result in the caution or a conviction of a person between 10 and 17 years old; and the number of young people sentenced has risen a worrying 69% from 2013 to 4459.

How can we tackle this?

Prevention is the best cure. We’re visiting teenagers in schools all across the country with our athletes to talk openly and frankly about knife crime on a level that secondary school children can connect with – the causes, who it can involve, how it can affect the younger generation and the ripple effect it has on their families and communities.
Our athletes will talk about how getting involved in sport can help reduce knife crime – with sports clubs outside of school hours providing the opportunity to form new friendships, focus on a goal and reap the rewards of hard work and dedication. A sense of community, a renewed pride in where you come from and improved mental health with a reduction in depression and anxiety are just some of the results school children will benefit from when they take up a new sport.
Students will have the chance to ask our athletes anything they’d like about preventing knife crime and its impact– we encourage teachers to work with their pupils ahead of their athlete visit to discuss issues around knife crime so that they’re prepared with questions to discuss and explore.
Athletes will then run a short fitness circuit specific to their sport to get the blood pumping and endorphins raised – there’s no better way to show kids how beneficial exercise is than getting stuck in and involved from the start.

How Do I Book an Anti-Knife Crime Programme Visit?

To book your anti-knife crime programme athlete visit, email us on or call 0151 559 2685.

Athlete Attending

We have athletes based across the UK. Please get in touch to find which athletes and events are available and running in your area.

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