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Welcome to the Pupils Portal, a world of sporting fun and inspiration! Here, you can dive into exciting resources, discover more about the champion athlete visiting your school, and even get a sneak peek of our upcoming Champions Academy.

This portal is designed just for you, offering a unique blend of learning and entertainment. Whether you’re keen on brushing up on athletic facts or simply want a dose of motivation, this is your go-to spot. So, gear up for a journey that brings you closer to the stars of the sporting world!


“Curious about the champion visiting your school? Dive into our ‘Meet Your Champion’ section!

Click the link, search for your athlete, and discover exciting facts and stories about their journey. Don’t stop there – challenge yourself to find even more cool tidbits with your own research!

Who knows, you might just stumble upon a fun fact your friends don’t know yet.

Ready to become the sports detective of your class? Start now!”

Welcome to the teachers Portal!


Free resources for teachers, parents and pupils alike.

The pupils’ section is designed to challenge, inspire, and teach new skills. These resources can be used to spark your initiative, push your boundaries, and pave the way to becoming a champion in your own right. Embrace the challenge with Sports For Champions UK (CIC).

Common Questions:

Pack your enthusiasm, a notebook and pen to jot down valuable tips, and your energy to participate in the workshops. If you’d like to take photos with the athletes, don’t forget your camera or smartphone!

Not at all! Our events are for everyone, no matter if you’re just starting out or already have some experience. We’ve got something exciting and helpful for everyone.

Absolutely! Our events are designed to provide ample opportunities for interaction. From workshops where you can learn alongside the athletes to the Q&A at the end of their presentation, you’ll have the chance to connect and learn from these remarkable sports champions.

The Champions Academy Coming In 2024

Are You a future champion?

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