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The Booking & Confirmation Process

You will be allocated your very own school liaison representative who will personally guide you through your booking process from initially calling your school to introduce themselves and the project to a post event courtesy call to congratulate you on your fund-raising and get some feedback. So rest assured you have a personal assistant a phone call away to answer any questions no matter how big or small to ensure your event is a sporty fundraising success!

Its vital that you confirm your event as soon as possible to finalise your booking process with your SLR. We have strict guidelines to adhere to when organising events, these are in place to enable us to offer this unique opportunity to every school nationally.

So as you can imagine we can only keep your chosen dates for a few days before giving them to another school if you haven’t confirmed in time.

We will of course work with you to choose alternative dates should this rare situation arise to ensure your school doesn’t miss out on the opportunity.

We are proud to be members of the Fund Raising Regulator (FR) – we are also regulated in all that we do and we have to follow strict guidelines set out by the regulators– this means that schools, parents and pupils can be confident knowing that:

  1. The money raised by you is supporting unsponsored athletes – you know upfront who they are.
  2. Your very own school benefits from an additional income strand, which supports increasingly stretched schools funds.
  3. A very small proportion of the overall money is re-invested in our Sports For Champions project to enable us to continue visiting other schools nationally.
  4. All parties to this agreement have a clear understanding of their commitments to the Sponsored Challenge (including costs and administrative co-ordination)


We are a Community Interest Company so any profit we make is reinvested back into the company to support communities nationally; this allows us to support those schools who have run the scheme, handed sponsor forms out on time but were unable to raise any money for whatever reason, we use any profit to cover the admin fee which covers our office operational costs and also supporting the athletes costs visiting the school i.e fuel, accommodation, free stickers.

How You Can Prepare For Your Event

Your personal SLR is always on hand to answer any lingering questions, but here are some ideas that have been used in the past by other schools, you can always be creative and come up with your own innovative way of preparing for your event, after all its your schools special day!

What can I do to prepare apart from motivating and exciting my colleagues & pupils as much as possible?


  1. Ask children to research into the competitions mentioned in the assembly, i.e. the Olympics, Paralympics the World Championships, European Championships or the visiting athlete’s sport.
  2. Create a school project on the history of the Olympics or Commonwealth Games, World or European Championships or sport in general.
  3. Send home sponsorship forms and the letter to parents provided in your welcome pack. These can be handed out following your DVD assembly date which you would of personally chosen with your SLR to maximise fundraising, so the children can take them home and share their newfound excitement and great expectation of the forthcoming athlete visit with their family and friends.


The Event

The Event


The athlete from your chosen sporting discipline will arrive at school, on the time and date you confirmed during the booking process with your SLR, to conduct the Sponsored Fitness Circuit Challenge.

Your chosen athlete for the sporting discipline you have agreed with us will be interacting with the children throughout the circuit, encouraging and motivating them through the event. Our aim is to encourage the children to be comfortable asking questions throughout the inspirational assembly that the athletes will lead after the circuit challenge, and this will maximise on their enjoyment and mean that they get the most out of the day that they can.


The practical elements of the Fitness Circuit Challenge


  1. Each class does a series of exercises, which last 6-7 minutes.
  2. The circuit moves from class to class – with the help of a ‘runner’ who keeps the classes moving in and out of the sports hall.
  3. The total time needed for all classes depends on the size of your school. Anything between 2.5 hours or a full day – to include the assembly and presentation at the end of the session.


The Inspirational Assembly


After the Fitness Circuit Challenge, and a short break, we bring all the children back together for an inspirational assembly with their visiting athlete. Each athlete has their own story, and their own journey into sports, and bring along their medals to prove it whilst giving that extra WOW factor to share with the children. The athlete will give a demonstration of their sport or an aspect of their training, finishing off with a Q & A session with their audience.

Below are a few questions that we ask each of our athletes to consider when they come on board with the team, and what they base their own personal assemblies around; you may want to share these ideas with your pupils to support or inspire question time:



  1. How did you get into your sport, what inspired you?
  2. What kind of avenues did you pursue in your career so far?
  3. How is your training conducted, and what does it consist of?
  4. How does a healthy diet affect your performance and training?
  5. What are your immediate goals in your career?
  6. What is your ultimate goal career wise? 
  7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?




On the Day – Practical considerations for the school and pupils


All of the children should be wearing their P.E. Kits ready for their exercises, schools often turn this into a “Wear your own Sports Clothes Day”.

You can allocate a runner for the athlete, to call up classes to the venue, so that there is a constant flow of children to and from the hall so that nobody loses their momentum!

We ask that you encourage the children with enthusiasm and excitement for the event, and show the DVD more than once to them leading up to your athlete visit.

Most especially we ask that you please ensure that the children are wearing suitable, non-slip footwear and you have completed your risk assessment we have provided in your welcome pack so everybody can exercise and enjoy the event safely.



Why Choose Us?

Keeping Kids Active

Through our visits we can unleash a new found excitment in schools, positively inspiring children to ditch the computer games and fast food to become healthier and lead a more active lifestyle.


Inspire and Educate

Our company mission is to visit every school in the UK to deliver our message. We believe that every child is capable of becoming tomorrows champion!

Meet Top Athletes

Sports For Champions U.K Community Interest Company are the primary organisers for bringing Olympic, Paralympic, Commonwealth Games, World Championship, European Championship athletes into schools nationally.

Contact us now to start your schools Sports for Champions journey!

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