SFC Shop For Disabled, Elderly, Vulnerable Amidst COVID_19

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Following disruption to the physical activity sector amidst the COVID_19 crisis, the team launched its latest community initiative, fulfilling basic grocery and shopping orders for disabled, elderly, and other vulnerable people within a 10 mile radius of its Deeside office.

Shoppers nationwide have taken to social media in outrage that they and others cannot obtain the critical resources required for everyday living due to panic buying. Our Founder and Managing Director offered a few words to the media on the organisation\’s response:

“As a community interest company and registered social enterprise that commits all funds to educate, enable, and empower different segments of society, it’s our duty to reach out and support those challenged with the prospect of sustaining themselves with shelves stripped bare across the retail sector. We encourage organisations of similar classifications to assess their communities needs and support where possible”.

The retail sector in Britain has responded to the problem by changing opening hours, giving elderly and disabled people greater opportunity to purchase goods, in addition to measures that counter panic buying.

SFC\’s Founder added: “In light of the challenges currently faced by people with mobility issues, health problems, confidence issues, if not simply being rich in years, please do inform friends and relatives about our work and tell them to get in-touch. Our young team is energetic and ready to perform like champions as we ensure local people sustain a basic quality of life through SFC’s latest social investment”.

Sports For Champions UK (CIC) welcomes volunteers and other supporting organisations to join its initiative to increase the value of the team’s contribution in local communities. Interested parties can contact the organisation via social media @Sports4Champs or online at SportsForChampions.com.

Please share this blog, which will be available shortly on social media @Sports4Champs (Insta/Tw).

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