Chris Tawiah

How I started:   I started at the age of 16, having not played Basketball before. I was going to play Football with my friends and a coach spotted me, mentioned my height, and asked if I wanted to give it a go. Right there we played on the park, and I enjoyed it, although …

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Jamell Anderson

How I Started I started playing basketball in my back garden, but I switched and began playing different sports until I started in year 8 when I picked up the sport again. After picking up Basketball again I played for the Nottingham Youth Basketball team until I attended a Team GB trial day with seven …

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Danny Evans

How I Started I was first introduced to Basketball at after-school club in primary school, and from there I fell in love with the game and decided that one day I wanted to play professionally. Shortly after my first coach told me that he saw potential in me and from there I set out to …

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Sophie Carrigill

How I Started I grew up able-bodied, but I was involved in an accident which completely changed my life. I was introduced to wheelchair basketball when I left the hospital. This was the first time I had ever even played Basketball, but everyone made me feel welcome and being with other disabled athletes like myself …

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Pierre Henry Fontaine

How I Started I first picked up a basketball at 12 years old on the South Acton Estate in London and I was hooked. Growing through the ranks of the junior circuit and then onto playing in the big league – my passion for the game was always at a high and I was a …

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