Combat Sports

Stephen “Swifty” Smith

How I started   I started at the age of nine and started boxing alongside my brothers who also boxed. I followed my elder brother’s example and began boxing. It was great fighting alongside family, as we were able to uplift each other and empathise with each other’s situations. Joe Gallagher trained myself and my …

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Craig Mcintosh

How I Started I began MMA when I was a teenager, I was always the fighting type and managed to get myself into a lot of trouble. One day I decided it was time for change as I followed a new path. I remember after starting MMA I wanted to quit after every single training …

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Hannah Beharry

How I Started I had five brothers who made me play sport from the age of 3, I was naturally gifted at sports generally, and I competed in Hockey, Netball, and Football. However, there were no sports clubs that I could attend as they were only inclusive for men! I then visited a boxing gym …

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Steph Inglis

How I Started I have loved Judo since I could walk! My father introduced me to the sport at a really young age! I finally joined his Judo club at the age of four which is when my love for the sport sprouted! I remember being so excited to begin training. It was always great …

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