Winter Sports

Charlotte Holmes

How I started: I started skiing on a family ski holiday. My parents were already skiing and they took my older brother on their holidays, I started going with them at the age of three, and began skiing at a local club in the UK at the age of four. I loved the sport and …

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Adele Nicoll

How I Started I was a very athletic child that competed in almost every event. After competing at school in multiple sports I committed myself to Shot Put and sprinting as I started to see that my talents lay in these sports. After a while, I also dropped sprinting to focus on  Shot Put as …

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Callum Deboys

How I Started I started Para-Nordic skiing, Cross Country and Biathlon after a motorcycle accident left me with life-changing injuries. I broke both of my legs but also broke a femur which is the largest bone in the body. After the accident, I was placed in a coma at the roadside and rushed into the …

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Isla Ward

How I Started I started Skiing on family holidays around the age of three, but I began racing on the dry ski slope in Glasgow, we then transitioned to racing on slopes abroad in the English Championships in Italy, which is England, Wales and Scotland competing against each other for the British title. My Greatest …

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Bruce Mouat

How I Started When I was seven, I visited the local Curling club and got started with my dad and brother. I spent four years Curling at that club as I competed regionally in Edinburgh before moving onto the national stage with Gogar Park Curling Club. We won the Scottish under 17’s national championship at …

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Montell Douglas

How I started I started athletics at the age of 13. It was a secondary school PE teacher that inspired me to join the athletics club and begin sprinting. I remember my first competition, and it was invigorating! After competing, I was enthralled by this passion and burn. I wanted to do better, and with …

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