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Here you will find all the information about our events, amazing free P.E. resources crafted by our team of experts, ensuring that your sessions are both engaging and aligned with best practices. And that’s not all; we have also included tips from top UK athletes, success stories from schools we’ve collaborated with, and easy access to our dedicated support team. We’re here to enrich your curriculum, foster a love for sports, and make your teaching journey seamless and memorable. Welcome aboard!

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Our events


Experience our most popular event, the “Inspirational Athlete Workshop” where schools have the unique chance to host a Team GB/ elite athlete. This premium workshop encompasses a captivating presentation detailing the athlete’s journey, an interactive Q&A session, and a rigorous fitness circuit guided by the athlete themselves. With flexible funding options available, schools can effortlessly book online or connect with our agents to discover more about this transformative and motivational event.
Marni Levena GB Gymnast delivering a workshop in Sound & District Primary School.
Self Esteem & Resilience ran by Paralympic Athletes.


Empower your pupils with Sports For Champions, featuring a choice of world-class athletes including: Wheelchair basketball star Sophie Carrigill, Paralympian and Next Level Chef runner up Callum Deboys, and Para-rower Georgia Carmichael. Our Resilience and Self-Esteem Workshops offer Primary School pupils an unparalleled opportunity to learn from inspiring role models. Throughout the day, your students will acquire essential life skills to positively shape their future, engage in interactive Q&A sessions with your chosen athlete, capture memorable photos, and receive certification upon completion.
Traditional Skills Workshop
Transitional Skills Workshop
Transitioning from primary to secondary education is a pivotal moment, filled with excitement and challenges. Introducing the “Transitional Skills for Success” workshop by Sports For Champions UK (CIC), designed exclusively for Year 6 and 7 pupils. This workshop is meticulously crafted to provide these students with vital skills and confidence essential for a seamless transition. With a focus on adaptability and preparedness, this program empowers young learners as they step into the broader landscape of secondary education.
Issa Batrane Delivering a Motivational Speach
Motivational Speaking

Motivational speaking engagements leverage the opportunity created by the success of inspirational personalities – and silence with attention is a glorious opportunity when people are eager to listen! Use the wow factor of a Team GB star, if not a world champion, or an extraordinary para-athlete, to empower your school, club, or team (corporate). There’s nothing quite like it!

Sports for Champions Performance Masterclass Workshops
Performance Masterclass

Educate youth with a specialist clinic lead by world champions, Team GB stars, world record holders, para-athletes, and a Deaflympian with a voice to remember. Based on ten years of feedback with almost 1 million youth engaged to date, SFC takes pride in stating that its engagements truly wield the power to change lives!

Corporate Workshops
Corporate Health And Wellness

We deliver high-impact workshops in line with the national agenda for public health. The organisation delivers approximately 100 events a month nationwide, featuring 50 pro/para/Olympic athletes who are passionate about engagements geared towards positive change.

Pupils attending a anti-violence workshop
Anti-Violence Workshop

Our impactful workshop addresses knife crime, ensuring student safety. Through interactive activities, real-life stories, and expert facilitators, we empower students to identify patterns, understand consequences, and make informed decisions.

Sophie Carrigill leading an inclusion disability workshop

Inclusion & Disability Workshop

The workshop aims to create a safe and inclusive environment where your pupils can develop a deeper understanding of disabilities. We strive to foster empathy, dispel misconceptions, and empower your pupils to ask questions freely, promoting a more inclusive and accepting community.

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How It Works

With the introduction of our online booking system, securing your preffered date and athlete has never been easier! Below is a quick breakdown of the steps to follow to host a Sports for Champions event.

Contact Details

At this stage, we’ll collect basic contact details. This helps us establish a point of contact for the event and ensures smooth communication throughout the process.

School Information

Provide us with key details about your school including its name, address, size, and any specific needs or requirements. This ensures we tailor our event offerings to best match your institution’s needs.

Select your Event

Choose the kind of event you’d like to host. Your selection will guide the subsequent steps and ensure you get the best fit for your audience.

Select your Date

Pick your preferred date for the event. We recommend having a few backup dates in mind in case your first choice isn’t available. This guarantees the event aligns with your school’s schedule and availability.

Select your Athlete

Depending on the event type you chose, you’ll have the opportunity to select a specific athlete to feature. Browse through our list and choose someone who you feel will resonate with your audience.

Review the Terms and Conditions

Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions governing the event. This includes important details about payment, cancellation policies, and other essential aspects. It’s crucial to understand these terms to ensure a successful event

Review and Sign the Contract

Once you’re satisfied with all the details, you’ll receive a contract that encompasses all aspects of the event. Review this thoroughly, and once you’re ready, sign it to finalize your booking.

Our dedicated liason team is always on hand to help if you have any questions at all or would prefer to make your booking over the phone.


Free resources for teachers, parents and pupils alike.
In our teachers’ section, you’ll find an array of resources designed for both classroom and physical education use. These materials are aimed at inspiring active learning and fostering a love for sports, seamlessly integrating with your lesson plans.

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At Sports for Champions, we pride ourselves on offering our exceptional athletes a platform to shine beyond their sporting careers. Their journeys, marked by perseverance, dedication, and unparalleled skill, have the transformative power to inspire and elevate the aspirations of students. The profound impact they bring to schools, igniting a passion for sports and fostering a culture of resilience and determination, is truly commendable.

While these athletes have demanding schedules, we do our utmost to accommodate your preferences. On the off chance your first choice isn’t available, rest assured, our ever-expanding roster ensures we’ll find the perfect match to leave a lasting impression on your school community.

Hit the link below to browse our athletes and find the perfect match for your school.

Our Success Stories

Our Sucess Stories

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