‘This Girl Can’ (Campaign)

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Rather than explore the ins-and-outs of projects at Sports For Champions UK (CIC), this blog will review another important campaign that recently [re]aired on television to capitalise on the public’s New Year values on ‘getting active’.

Sports England’s ‘This Girl Can’ project was launched in Jan 2015 in a nationwide campaign to get women and girls moving, regardless of shape, size, and ability. The campaign inspires women to get active sharing the belief or value that there’s ‘no right way to get active’ – if it gets your heart rate up, it counts!

Sport England (SE) want more women to find out what’s right for them amidst a national health crisis surrounding exercise, including youth and adults’ attitude(s) towards it.

The campaign celebrates active women doing their thing no matter how they look, how well they do it, or how sweaty they get. SE challenge the conventional idea of what ‘exercise looks like’ by reaching out to women of all backgrounds and ethnicities who feel excluded by outdated ideas on ‘what exercise is’. 

This Girl Can was born from a desire to tackle the fact that despite increases in the overall number of people being active in England, women remain less active than men.

The now highly popularized gender gap was the designated reason for this, as per vast amounts of supporting social/psychological research. As such, SE knew it had to address the underlying causes whilst doing something different and in mass to create a movement, a new impression, an idea inspiring fresh productive attitudes, and with direct impact on communities.

You can find out more on the success of this brilliant and ongoing campaign at www.thisgirlcan.co.uk

If your organisation wants to help SE encourage women and girls of all shapes, sizes, abilities, and backgrounds to get active – it can!

You can also contact Sport England: www.sportengland.org

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