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Find new sports to try out such as water polo

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Here’s a few tips and suggestions for new sports to get involved in! Make new friends, try new things and experience what your local clubs have to offer!

Our Society and sports

Football and Rugby dominate the UK sporting landscape; collectively loved and adored by the majority of the population, this translates to participation and most schools and clubs focus primarily on these two. Athletics, netball and cricket also have large followings around the UK however access and education can be limited.

Young People trying out new sports

Do not be discouraged by the lack of opportunities to try more niche sports, over the course of this blog we aim to inform and inspire you as to the possible available options. There are more sports clubs than ever before, and these inclusive communities are waiting for you. All you need is a willingness to take on the challenge and a desire to compete.

Sports in school

Schools are increasingly better equipped, even for less popular sports such as badminton, basketball and tennis. Most schools offer facilities and equipment for rent to the general public, this can be one way of trying out a new sport if travelling large distances isn’t always a viable option.

More schools now offer many different sports in school time or in the form of school teams and after school clubs, with on site facilities such as a track for athletics, a pool for swimming and a court for tennis. If you’re a student it’s important to take advantage of what your school is offering, it’s never too late to get into a new sport!

Sports in your area

Schools cannot always facilitate sports including rowing, lacrosse, squash and combat sports. While rowing and lacrosse can be difficult sports to get into as the number of clubs is relatively small, many locations for combat sports exist. Boxing and Muay Thai gyms often offer classes for many age groups, everyone is welcome to get involved.

young person trying out new sports, learn about new sports in your area in this blog.
Depending on your region some sports will take priority over others, for example in Wales Rugby is a lot more popular in comparison to Northern Ireland so more clubs will be available. The dominant sport used to leave little option for you to participate in anything else, however people are now more open minded, giving more opportunity to everyone.

Gymnastics can help you improve your balance, flexibility, and conditioning. Gymnasiums are a great place to learn and practise gymnastics.If you have access to an ice rink facility, take advantage of it by learning to ice skate or playing ice hockey, and get involved with your local facilities to support their future.If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, there are an increasing number of places in the UK where you can go snowboarding or skiing.

Local clubs

Find your local leisure centre, discover what it has to offer you. You can often hear about different clubs through material posted on notice boards or through word of mouth from other members.

List of water sports for you to try

Too late to start?

It’s never too late to join a sports club, many of our athletes have transitioned from sports they grew up playing to the ones they compete professionally in today. Some athletes discovered their love of sports later in life and tapped into potential that has lay dormant for much of their life.

Disability and sport

Major progress on disability in sport has been made in recent years with an average of 43% of people with a disability participating in sports activities for over 150 minutes a week according to a Sport England survey.

This shows the change in values and attitude of people today, facilities are more accommodating and accessible for those with disabilities. The increasing popularity of the Paralympic games stands as a testament to the progress made, along with being an inspiring event for everyone to enjoy, the games can showcase to young people the different sports out there and what you can achieve with the right mindset.

There are now more opportunities than ever for you to get involved no matter if you’re able bodied or not. Why not look into the following:

  • Sitting volleyball
  • Swimming
  • Boccia
  • Wheelchair basketball
  • Wheelchair football
  • Wheelchair rugby
  • Handbike Cycling

Many sports can be adapted for many disabilities and you are sure to find a welcoming inclusive club in your area.

sports for you!

For those looking for something new or wish to try out a magnitude of sports this year we have a few ideas for you. You do not need to invest yourself heavily into trying out new sports, most facilities you go to will change little for use of the facility and will usually offer equipment for you to rent out. You don’t need to make big purchases just to find out a sport isn\’t for you.

Here’s our list of top 10 sports for you to try out:

  • Golf
  • Rowing
  • Boxing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Rugby
  • Water polo
  • Cricket
  • Cross-country running
  • Ice skating
  • Badminton

Reflect on the given information and make your best judgement into what would be worth your while, what’s available to you in the local area, which sports stood out to you as a must try? There are often groups online to help you with further questions you may have.

So good luck finding something new and tell us how you get on by contacting us through social media using the links below.

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