Danny Purvis

How I started I have always been a climber. I remember always wanting to climb on the monkey bars and up trees as a child! It was always something I would do passively when out with friends or with my parents. I also always had lots of energy, I was always hyperactive it seemed. It …

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Bruce Mouat

How I Started When I was seven, I visited the local Curling club and got started with my dad and brother. I spent four years Curling at that club as I competed regionally in Edinburgh before moving onto the national stage with Gogar Park Curling Club. We won the Scottish under 17’s national championship at …

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Montell Douglas

How I started I started athletics at the age of 13. It was a secondary school PE teacher that inspired me to join the athletics club and begin sprinting. I remember my first competition, and it was invigorating! After competing, I was enthralled by this passion and burn. I wanted to do better, and with …

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